Top Priorities for Boosting Your Development Team’s Efficiency Make sure your team stays productive and healthy

Managing any team can be difficult but leading a development team is especially complex. You have your typical management challenges of understanding big picture company goals, communicating effectively with stakeholders and motivating your team to meet their objectives. You also have the critical nature of the work – without a development team you would have […]

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Practical Automation Tools to Increase QA Efficiency ...and when to avoid automation

Admit it! Automation is here to stay and Quality Assurance engineers need to adapt it quickly. A survey report in 2018 by StateofQATesting suggests that 85.5% of tester say automation is being done in their software house at some level. But the question remains, what tools to use? What technology suits us? When to avoid […]

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8 Mistakes Made by QA when Releasing an App (and how to avoid them) Lessons learned by a QA manager

Testing is a crucial stage of every app development process. Product owners and managers rely on testers to make sure that the quality of the app/game is flawless. However, testers often make mistakes that result in negative reviews or app getting rejected. Here is the insight into those mistakes and how to avoid them.   […]

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App Review | AppManager

The 4 Reasons Your App is Being Rejected and What You Can Do to Prevent This Best practices when dealing with Apple's app review team

One of the worst things an app developer can experience is when their submitted app is rejected during the approval process. We’ve compiled the major reasons apps will be rejected by reviewers, and how developers can prevent this from happening to them. Reasons for rejection usually boil down to the following Missing Demo Account If […]

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Optimize Your Screenshots For The App Store Make Your First Impression Count and Increase Your Conversion Rate

Leaving the best possible first impression with your potential users The first impression of your app on the App Store counts. Recent data indicates that you have but 7 seconds to convince a user to purchase your app. Since about 75 percent of the app “screen estate” on the App Store is made up by your screenshots, […]

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App Store Page Teardown EyeEM Featured Image

Tearing Down the App Store Page of EyeEm Learning from the best - App Store page teardown

This week we are taking a look at how EyeEm – Photography performs on the App Store. EyeEm is pronounced “I am.” From the name of the app, you may assume it is just another app for photography. You are partly correct. However, it is not merely a photo-taking app. EyeEm app is not only […]

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4 Effective Real-world Software Development Models With their pros and cons

As per the KPMG Survey, on average, about 70 % of all IT-related projects fail to meet their objectives, and one of the main reason is the selection of the wrong software development process/model. A software house owner explained in an agile conference “We were facing problems like over commitment and under delivery, unsatisfied customers, […]

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App Store Page Teardown Socratic Featured Image

Tearing Down the App Store Page of Socratic Learning from the best - App Store page teardown

Welcome to our app store landing page teardown, where we take a look at the top apps and games on the App Store. In this series, we want to understand what makes apps successful and how you can apply this to your own apps to get more downloads, users, and revenue. Today we’re taking a […]

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Remote Workers: Managing for Success! A guide to managing a remote team

Many companies both large and small refuse to implement remote working programs mainly due to the challenges bosses perceive in managing remote workers and teams. Other companies, most notably Bank of America, Yahoo, Google, Aetna, and Reddit, have tried remote work programs and abandoned them. Granted, initiating a remote working program is a big step, […]

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